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Chartres Pass

Card valid until December 31st 2017

To visit more and spend less!

Get access to 7 different monuments, sites and services to discover Chartres and its area!

Many discounts and special offers

With the Chartres Pass’, you get access to 7 different monuments, sites and services but also discounts and special offers to other tourist and cultural sites, leisure centres, restaurants, shops and hotels.

For €15,50, the Chartres Pass’ includes:

  • A guided-tour or an audio-guided tour of the Chartres Notre-Dame Cathedral,
  • A self-guided visit of the International Stained-Glass Center,
  • A guided-tour of the old town with thetourist train,
  • An audio-guided visit of the old town or a guided-visit* proposed by C’Chartres Tourism - Tourist Office of Chartres Urban Area, among the following themes: "Chartres, Cité médiévale"; monthly themed tours proposed in April, May, June, September, October, November and December; night walking tour "Chartres en lumières" from April to October.
  • Aquatic Complex and Ice skating-rink: an entrance offered for the swimming pool.
  • Urban transports Filibus: one way-ticket offered.
  • Q-Park - carparks: half an hour parking in the city center offered.

*according guided-tours schedule for 2017 by Tourist Office of Chartres Urban Area, except night walking tours "Chartres en lumières Privilège"



Other advantages**

You get also discount prices on the following visits and services (According to modalities specified in general terms of sale):

  • Tourist and cultural sites:
    • A guided-tour of the crypt of the Cathedral,
    • A self-guided visit of the North Tower of the Cathedral or a guided-tour of the roof structure of the Cathedral,
    • A self-guided visit or a guided-tour at the Royal Chapel of Dreux,
    • A self-guided visit or a guided-tour at the Châteaudun’s castle,
    • A self-guided visit of the COMPA - Agriculture Museum,
    • A guided-tour of the "Grottes du Foulon" (caves) at Châteaudun.
    • A self-guided visit of the Picassiette House,
    • A self-guided visit of the School Museum.
  • Leisure:
    • A rent of bike at a reduced price at the Bike House "La Maison du Vélo" of Chartres,
    • A discount for a show at the theater of Chartres,
    • A ticket at a reduced price to the cinema "Les Enfants du Paradis",
    • A ticket offered for a horse race at theCompany of horse races of Chartres,
    • A circuit by boat at a reduced price to"Bonneval Découverte",
    • A reduced price for a service at the "Cercle nautique de la Beauce".
  • Accommodation:
    • Discount of 10% for an overnight stay at the Ibis Chartres Centre Cathédrale***
    • An entrance to the spa at the Jehan de Beauce****
  • Restaurants and after dark bar:
    • A drink* offered: L’Ami-Temps, Café Bleu, Le Café des Arts, La Cour, Crêperie des 3 Lys, L’Ecume, L'Escalier, L’Estaminet, L’Estocade, Les Feuillantines, Le Georges, La Mie Câline, La Passacaille, La Picoterie, Le Relax, Tomate & Piment and Le Tripot.
    • Discount of 10% at Flunch.
  • Shops and services:
    • A discount of 10% or a gift offered by the partners in the following list:
    • Arts and crafts: La Galerie du Vitrail,
    • Delicacies: La Brûlerie Chartraine, 
    • Transports: VTC Drouais, VTC Proteg.

*Alcohol can damage your health, drink with moderation.
** According to hours and conditions of places of interest.

"Chartres Pass’" stay from €65 : visits, accommodation, leisure, discover Chartres as you wish! Choose your accommodation category, we’ll book everything!


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