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Tourism of Memory

"Chemin de Mémoire"

This trail takes you from the Hélène Boucher square to the "Butte des Charbonniers", and features 10 significant events and major figures in the history of Chartres. The 10 stages on the "Chemin de Mémoire" (monuments, plaques or statues) are linked to one another by bronze studs. Each station, preceded by 5 bronze medallions by the sculptor Rich, is explained on a site marker in French, English and German. In addition to these 10 important sites, there are many other historic buildings, squares, streets and reminders of the past to find all over the town. Find a virtual tour of the "Chemin de Mémoire"!


"Séminaire des Barbelés"

© H.Briand

European place of memory, the "Séminaire des Barbelés" is the largest seminary which has existed. It is established at the end of the Second World War in a former transit camp for French prisoners before the departure to Germany and a retention camp for "indigenous" war prisoners (1940-1944), and then, at the end of the war, a camp for war prisoners of the Axis. Became University of Theology in 1945, it houses more than 950 German seminarians between 1945 and 1947. Nowadays, it allows people to discover the history of Franz Stock but also, through contemporary photographs and objects, the history of the site.