Local specialities

The gourmet heritage of Chartres is rich and varied - treat your taste buds!

Unmissable local specialities

Chartres and its surrounding towns and villages invite you to discover their local gastronomic specialities! Sweet treats with the crunch of a macaroon, the melt-in-your-mouth Mentchikoff, the originality of the stained glass sugar of Chartres or the savoury Belsia chips, perfect for an aperitif. Paté de Chartres for starters and chicken-in-the-pot for the main course... a multitude of flavours to take you on a journey of the senses.


Where to find them

If you want to get your hands on all these tasty treats, you'll find them during your walks around the city center, visiting many shops which produce and sell these products, or take a detour to the Chartres Métropole Tourist Office where the boutique offers many local specialities for sale. Some specialities can only be found in dedicated shops, so you'll have to explore! Ask our tourist consultants where to get them.


The produce of the "Terres Eure-et-Loir"

Created and registered in 2002 by the Chamber of Agriculture of Chartres, the brand "Terres Eure-et-Loir" allows you to better identify local produce and allows local producers to certify the quality of their products.

These local products are available directly from the producers, but also in different shops as well as the Tourist Office of Chartres Métropole boutique, bearing the label "Terres Eure-et-Loir." You may also notice this label on our map of restaurants and caterers, simply because they wish to offer you the unique experience of Chartres' produce. You can't help but fall for these delicious local specialities - on sale at the Tourist Office too.

Take them home with you, or share them with your friends as a memory of your wonderful holiday!