Autrica: The Fragrance by Chartres

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2000 years ago, the bright city of Chartres was born on the banks of the river Eure, called Autura, and, took the name of Autricum. As if going back to its roots, "Autrica" fresh floral fragrance that reminds us of Chartres, now sees the light.

First with tonicity and greenness, which evokes the dynamism and modernity of the city, the floral heart then reminds us of the beauty and elegance of this city. Finally, the fragrance evolves towards a musky, sweet and warm smell, suggesting the well-being life in Chartres.

Beginning in the 1960s, the great Parisian perfume makers moved their production facilities from the capital to nearby regions, only an hour from Paris. In their wake, numerous small and medium-sized businesses in the perfume and cosmetics industry were set up. Today, Cosmetic Valley, located southwest of Paris, gathers 15-20% of cosmetic and perfume industry jobs. This strategic centre ensures the competitiveness of this key sector of the French economy, as well as the continued value of the "Made in France" label.   Grouping in Chartres and the Eure-et-Loir an exceptional concentration of businesses and creative energy in the beauty sector, Cosmetic Valley today represents France's and the world's number one network of perfume and cosmetics-related companies. This key sector assures production for the jewels of the luxury and beauty industry.