Going out, eating out

Chartres Tourism: your tourist guide to explore the best places to eat and drink in the city and its wider urban area.

In the streets of the city, as well as in the surrounding municipalities, there is always a charming place to eat or have a drink with friends and family. Of course we have our gourmet favourites and usual hangouts, but curiosity always pushes us to find great new places. One of them may be your future headquarters!


Where to eat

Looking for a restaurant, brasserie or bistro to eat a nice meal with your family or friends? Explore our address book and find the best place to make your mouth water. Chartres and its metropolitan area have lots of fine tables to welcome you, whether for a snack, a traditional meal or world cuisine, in a charming and friendly atmosphere. Discover the restaurants in Chartres and its surroundings in this section. Find our local specialities and other gourmet ideas here.

Terres d’Eure-et-Loir is the label of good quality local produce - products you may find on your plate in one of our restaurants or shops. There are also many savoury and sweet specialities not covered by this label but which are nonetheless an absolute must! Discover them in the shops of Chartres and the surrounding area - enjoy them during a picnic or a snack in one of our beautiful parks and gardens - guaranteed 100% pleasure.

Explore the shops and commerces offering local specialities for sale as well as our gourmet restaurants!


Where to go for a drink in and around Chartres

Want to spend a pleasant evening in our beautiful city? Whether a drink in a charming bar or swinging your pants on the dance floor, there's always something lively going on in the area. Evening bars, pubs and nightclubs, a memorable evening out, leaving you with happy memories to take home.

Explore our favourite places for a drink a night out with your friends!