Maintenon castle

To visit Maintenon castle is to delve into history of an exceptional piece of architecture and some beautifully reconstructed gardens

Located in the heart of the Eure Valley in an exceptional setting, Maintenon castle will enchant you with its history and the different characters who have shaped the house as it is today. Here are a few reasons to take the time to discover it!


1# A fascinating castle, filled to the rafters

During sequential restorations in the 19th and 20th centuries, the owners set about finding old furniture, and each room gives you an idea of what it once was.


2# You have visited Versailles, and not much impresses you after the sumptuous life of Louis XIV

The castle was once the property of Madame de Maintenon, and Madame de Montespan gave birth to one the king's children here. Louis XIV himself visited several times. So why not you!


3# A great family day out

The castle is on an accessible scale, and children won't find the walking a tiring experience. You can ask for the game booklet at the entrance, to educate the children while they have fun. After this visit, your children will be asking for more castles!


4# For lovers of history and the natural environment

Spend some time exploring in the totally reconstructed French gardens, just as Royal landscape artist Le Nôtre designed them in 1676. Imagine the changes in mood each season... each period of the year has its own colours - an open invitation to photography and painting.

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After admiring the castle and its gardens, discover treasures of our territory through the section "explore" and visit Maintenon, a city full of surprises!