Must-see events

From February to November, Maintenon castle will blow you away with its history, charm and its fun and diverse cultural program.

Discover the castle in a new light

When night falls, everything seems more impressive, more intimate… Discover the castle by walking hand in hand with Nanon and Miss Carter, who served the famous owners of this beautiful building. You will learn all the secrets of the marquises of Maintenon and Noailles by way of productions and an interplay of shadows… Welcome to Maintenon castle by night!


Themed weekends where you will take a fully-fledged journey back in time

The festivities' season begins in April with the Tulipiades: a real sensory delight, where you will find many of the exhibitors from the flower market, workshops and scavenger hunts… Also go and meet the passionate park gardeners to discover all its secrets.


One-off, quirky and international events

Have you ever seen a shooting star? Under the night sky, you can admire this divine ceiling flickering over the castle and in the waters of the Canal de l'Eure.

A few days later, it is a rather unusual event that awaits you… The International night of the bat is celebrated at the castle. Here, accompanied by a specialist, you will marvel at these sometimes overlooked animals, as they dance around the keep.