Religious heritage

Visit some the most beautiful churches in the area.

In Chartres

Saint-Aignan church

This very old church, rebuilt in the 16th century, has magnificent 16th and 17th centuries stained-glass windows.

Saint-Pierre church

This former abbey church (11th-13th centuries) is one of the finest gothic masterpieces. Very well preserved, its 14th century stained-glass windows illuminate the interior and make it a remarkable edifice.

Saint-Andre collegiate

Mostly dating back to the 12th century, this collegiate church has been converted into an exhibition center. Its chancel once rested on an arch straddling the Eure river, prolonged by another arch that crossed the street.


In the surrounding area

Surprising discoveries await you in the numerous restored and richly decorated churches and chapels featuring Roman and Gothic art.

Abbaye de Josaphat (Lèves)

Founded by Bishop Geoffroy de Lèves, the Abbaye de Josaphat was the necropolis for Chartres bishops in the 12th and 13th centuries. Park open to the public.

Saint-Jean-Baptiste (Rechèvres)

On the plateau of the Rechèvres district, northwest of the town, this modern church features modern stained-glass windows by Max Ingrand. The German priest, Franz Stock, is buried here. Appointed chaplain in the Paris prisons in 1940, as of 1945, he led the "Séminaire des Barbelés".

Saint-Orien church (Meslay-le-Grenet)

Danse Macabre, 15th century, 19th century restoration. Unique in Europe, this work depicts a procession where Death drags living people from every social class along in his wake.


Remarkable churches

  • Saint-Jacques Church (Allonnes). Porch dating back to the 12th century. 
  • Saint-Pierre - Saint-Paul Church (Amilly). 12th and 13th centuries. 15th century sundial.
  • Saint-Lazare Church (Lèves). The church was rebuilt after the last war, except for the bell tower. It is noteworthy for its modern stained glass windows: a 228Sqm stained glass tile window designed in 1956 by Gabriel Loire, a world renowned master glass maker from Chartres. These windows tell the story of the market town.
  • Saint-Lubin Church (Coltainville). Multicoloured 16th century statue. Village: La Jeanne bell, 17th century.
  • Saint-Séverin Church (Fontenay sur Eure). Roman modillions. 12th century baptismal basin.
  • Saint-Léger Church (Houville-la-Branche). 13th to the 15th century. Crooked spire. 
  • Saint-Julien Church (Le Coudray). 11th century.
  • Saint-Pantaléon Church (Lucé). 11th century. Gabriel Loire stained-glass tile window in the nave.
  • Saint-Laumer Church (Luisant). Gabriel Loire stained-glass windows in the nave. Lorin stained-glass windows in the choir. Clumsy 19th century copy of the Belle Verrière.
  • Chapelle des 3 Maries (Mignières). 11th century.
  • Saint-Germain Church (Morancez). 17th century painting donated by Jérôme Bonaparte.
  • Saint-Denis Church (Prunay-le-Gillon). 13th century door. 16th century carved beams.
  • Saint-Georges Church (Saint-Georges sur Eure). 13th and 16th centuries. Panelled vault.
  • Saint-Germain Church (Sours). Rebuilt in the 19th century with materials from the Saint-Hilaire de Chartres church which had been destroyed.
  • Saint-Victor Church (Ver-lès-Chartres). 12th century. Bronze steeple classified as a historical monument.