Art and Contemporary Architecture

In Chartres Urban area, we give importance to Art.

During your walk, it’s easy to find a modern art exhibition or an street-art show according to the season.

The Art of stained-glass

Chartres and its urban area counts a lot of master glass artist factories. These master-craftsmen keep alive this ancient skill that has gone through the ages but also help it revive. By using new tchniques and/or the meeting of arts (with street art or  multimedia setting-up), they give the art of stained-glass a new start.

The art in the streets

For many years, artists surrounded the city of Chartres. On walls, mural paintings slowly grew here and there, and street art also try to dig in. With events such as "Boulevard du Graff" but also with other highlights, graffiti artists and local artists share their skill with you. Meeting where the friendliness matters.

 Those events give you the opportunity to meet them, to better understand their art.

Also, while you’ll go shopping in Chartres, statues and sculptures can be seen on the way. Wherever you are downtown, art is always close.

The "Chemin des Arts" : an art-path for those whom love modern art

All year long, exhibitions are held in Chartres and greet artists from different forms of art : photographers, plastic artists, mosaic artists, stained-glass artists, street artists… Let your curiosity lead you and follow the "Chemin de Arts"! It will bring you to the crossroad of forms of art and will make you discover fanciful, realistic, engaged worlds...

Keep yourself informed from our major events and create unforgettable memories of Chartres.