Ruins and archaeological remains

When you come to our country, you span the centuries

The ruins and remains of Chartres and its urban area are always telling their stories - you just have to know how to listen!


From Antiquity to the Middle Ages in Chartres

© C'Chartres Tourisme - Ville de Chartres - Guillermo Osorio

Meet up in Saint-Martin-au-Val, not far from Chartres' city center, and visit one of the greatest monuments of Roman Gaul. Here, a titanic project was undertaken before being suddenly interrupted, and no-one knows why. Throughout the year, different events revive this ancient place of worship which history still contains many mysteries.

Leaving antiquity for the Middle Ages, remains of this period are to be found in many of our streets. The ramparts of Chartres and the Porte Guillaume are from this era, and resemble the gates that surrounded the old mediaeval cloister of Chartres and the house of the Canons.

Today, this rich and varied heritage tells its stories of life through guided tours, specially organised by the Tourist Office of Chartres Urban Area. Walk with one of our guides and learn more about mediaeval times and the grand projects that were undertaken by our ancestors.


A rich history around Chartres

Vestiges of the past are also visible in the villages surrounding Chartres. They sometimes have an extraordinary story, like the Louis XIV canal, which was intended to connect the river Eure to the Château of Versailles but never reached its goal. It nonetheless traces its path all the way from Pontgouin to Maintenon.

Let's take two minutes to talk about Maintenon, where you can discover an unfinished aqueduct in the gardens of the famous château. Definitely worth a visit - a place of history that deserves to be appreciated.

As you will see, Chartres and its surroundings are full of historical treasures to be explored by curious people like you! You won't regret it!