Mass at Chartres Cathedral is an experience in and of itself. In this building on the UNESCO World Heritage List, a variety of locations are used for religious rites.

Some take place under the vaulted nave of Notre-Dame de Chartres Cathedral. A medieval architectural feat that inspired both inward meditation and outward admiration. The work of the original builders is sure to leave you speechless. And now, after the cathedral’s restoration, the mass that is said within its premises has regained the luminosity of yesteryear.

Other mass services are given in the chapels in the crypt of the cathedral. Another place full of ambiance: the chapels’ architecture offers amazing acoustics during services.


Mass times

At the main altar or in the choir of the cathedral

  • Chapter Mass: Tuesday and Saturday at 9 am
  • Monday to Saturday:
    • 6:15 pm: Mass
    • 7 pm: Vespers
  • Sunday:
    • 9:15 am: Gregorian Mass
    • 11 am: Great Mass

For your information, Sunday mass times vary depending on the period. Here are the specifics:

  • From All Saints’ Day through Palm Sunday:
    • 5:15 pm: Vespers
    • 6 pm: Mass 
  • From Easter through the Sunday before All Saints’ Day: 
    • 5:45 pm: Vespers
    • 6:30 pm: Mass

In the crypt

For mass said in the crypt, the entrance is by the cathedral’s North Great Door.

  • Friday at 7 am: Mass in Notre-Dame de Sous-Terre Crypt 
  • Monday to Saturday: 11:45 am: Mass in the Crypt


For the detailed programme of mass services and events at Chartres Cathedral, please contact the cathedral or visit its website. In addition, other Eure-et-Loir events that you won’t want to miss also take place at this magnificent site. Don’t wait: find out about them now!