Live a magical experience during Chartres light show

Go back into the history of the Cathedral and feel the emotions of the 12th-century pilgrims, then come back out into the light for a magical discovery of the scenographies around the monument.

Meet at the Cathedral's North Portal on Fridays during the Chartres light show period. As the Chartres light show scenographies begin, you will go down into the crypt. And there, you will be taken by the history and the silence surrounding you. As you come back up into the nave of the darkened Cathedral, you will feel as one with the builders.

Then, once outside, it will be time to let yourself go with Chartres light show. The statues, bathed in colours, will let you imagine what they used to be like. Behind the apse, in the gardens of the Evêché, Luna, a little moon looking for its star, will tell you her story.
From history to the imaginary, you will rediscover Chartres Cathedral in a totally original and magical way.

Do you want to live this experience ? Guided tour in French only.

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