Once inside the Cathedral, you will be surprised by its proportions, some of the most impressive of all French Cathedrals: The nave is 130.20 m long, 16.40 m wide and 37.50 m high, and chancel and the transept are 64 m wide.

  • Total length of the Nave: 32.80 m
  • Total length: 130.20 m
  • Height of the South Tower (Old Bell): 103 m
  • Height of the North Tower (New Bell): 112 m
  • Length of the Transept: 64 m
  • Length of the Nave, taken axis by axis: 16.40 m
  • Total length of the Nave: 32.80 m
  • Width of the Transept: 13.99 m
  • Height of the Great West Window: 10.94 m
  • Diameter of the West Rose: 12.18 m