Our greatest specialities

Whether you prefer sweet or savoury, the wealth of our gastronomic heritage offers a multitude of tasty surprises!


Beauce Cola

After the Corsicans and the Bretons, La Beauce is the latest home-made French cola to hit the shops. Beauce Cola is a 98% local product, made from local water and sugar beet from the factory at Artenay.

The Chartrenser

This looks like two small shortbread pastries stuck together with salted caramel butter, a nod to Brittany, one of Franz Stock's favourite regions. "Chartrenser" ("from Chartres") is the name given to German prisoners studying for the clergy between 1945 and 1947 at the Coudray seminary. This delicacy is made fresh each day by the Arnaud Ioos bakery.

The Cochelin

Puff pastry in the shape of a little man, plain or filled with jam, the cochelin is a gourmet speciality dating back to the Middle Ages. Produced back then by the Brotherhood of Bakers, it was sold on the evening of 31 December to be given to friends and relatives to wish them a happy new year. Today, the tradition of the Cochelin is reborn thanks to the initiative of Chartres bakers who produce it every Christmas.

Beauceronne lemonade

Founded in 1888 by Fernand Savoure, it is today Stanislas Savoure, the 5th generation of lemonade bottlers who watches over the authenticity of "La Beauce" lemonade. The water comes from La Beauce, and the natural flavours of citrus and sugar beet from Artenay.


Made from a crushed almond paste, sugar and egg whites, this delicious round cake can be filled with cream of any flavour. Our partners offer their creations "The Chocolate Factory" and "David Lambert Chocolatier."

The Mentchikoff

The mentchikoff is chocolate-coated praline and Swiss meringue, created in 1893 during the Franco-Russian alliance. Nowadays, many confectioners in Chartres make this delicate sweet that delights gourmets everywhere. Our partner "La Chocolaterie" makes and sells this particular delicacy.

Chartres honey

Twenty five collections of hives produce two crops of Chartres honey per year, the second of which is a mixture of flowers including acacia and lime. An educational site on the roofs of the Apostrophe media library has five hives producing the famous "Miel de la Médiathèque". Other products are also offered by the Billard Apiary.

The Pèlerin

The name of this soft wheat flour biscuit is rooted directly in the story of Chartres. The design symbolises the labyrinth of Chartres Cathedral and serves as a reminder that Chartres welcomes many pilgrims. Often filled with almonds and apple from the gardens of Imbermais. Carefully packed in tissue paper, marked with the sign of the maze and enclosed in a metal biscuit tin, this is the best gift for a real souvenir of Chartres and its majestic cathedral. Manufactured by Maison Monarque.

Chartres tea

Discover five teas developed by the Brûlerie Chartraine that will delight lovers of subtle and light flavours - "Chartres blue" (referring to the famous Chartres blue present in the windows of the cathedral), the "Lights of Chartres," the "Kiss of Chartres" (referring to the Cosmetic Valley), the "Henry IV" (a tribute to good King Henry) and the "Chartres Labyrinth".

The Vitrail de Chartres

David Lambert, patissier and chocolatier, connects the cultural and gastronomic story of Chartres with his "vitrail" and his mentchikoff. The alliance is a praline candy (almond / hazelnut and dark chocolate) and a meringue reminiscent of a mentchikoff with a stained glass finish, obtained with cocoa butter containing natural blue pigments and gold dust.


The Retrodor baguette

Made from flour with no additives, a subtle blend of the best wheats from the Beauce country, this traditional French baguette is characterised by a creamy texture with irregular bubble sizes and a golden brown crust. Known and recognised throughout France, it also enjoys an international reputation.

Belsia crisps

Home-made crisps, guaranteed gluten free, no preservatives, no artificial flavours and no palm oil. The chips are made with 100% Beauce potatoes grown on the family farm, located 20 km from Chartres. The potatoes are hand-picked, sliced and cooked in a cauldron in small quantities, then and lightly salted with salt from the Ile de Ré.

Eurélienne beer*

Made in Eure-et-Loir at the Brasserie de Chandres, 'L'Eurélienne" beer is brewed and bottled on a family farm within 10 km of Chartres. Eurélienne is a natural beer - more than 90% of the barley comes from local farm fields, the beer is brewed by hand, without filtration and without pasteurisation. Eurélienne is generous and full-bodied, lending itself to special occasions...

The Eurélienne regularly receives awards at the International Exhibition of Agriculture.

Pâté de Chartres

Famous since the 18th century, Pâté de Chartres is a prepared in a pastry crust and consists mainly of game meat. Originally, there would be plovers or other birds migrating through Chartres but these have been replaced in the recipe by partridge and pheasant, embellished with foie gras, truffles and subtle spices. It is listed as a recognised culinary heritage by UNESCO.


Henry of Navarre is the only king of France to have been crowned in Chartres cathedral, on February 27th,1594. To commemorate this event, a number of restaurants in the town and its surroundings add the "Poule au Pot" recipe on their menus, especially during "Henry IV Week" (last weekend of February-early March).

Rosé de Chartres wine and the vineyard of Saint-Brice*

In April 2003, about 500 vines were planted on a hillside in the grounds of the Residence Val de l'Eure on the initiative of the Association of the Village of Saint-Brice. On 25 September 2006, the first vintage of the century was opened in Chartres. It has been celebrated at the same place each year. A grape harvest festival is celebrated on the last weekend of September. A visit to the vineyards is available.

*Alcohol abuse is dangerous, drink in moderation.