Chartres is the third most dynamic commercial centre in France. This result comes from a comparative study carried out by Procos (the federation for town planning and specialised trade development) in fifty-four large and medium-sized towns in France. It is based on population income and longevity, the employment rate, the number of businesses and tourist attractions. Chartres is proud to stand on the winner's podium!

Les Vitrines de Chartres - Union des Commerçants Chartrains (UCC) is an association of volunteer traders that promotes the attractiveness of the city centre to visitors. The objective of this association is to benefit from a common visibility and participation in the development of local businesses. Find out more about the multitude of small shops, stores and major chain retailers involved by going on a shopping expedition in Chartres city centre. Other associations are also at work in the surrounding towns, guaranteeing you the best shopping experience, wherever you're staying!

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