Events in the Chartres cathedral

Throughout the year, Chartres is the scene of celebrations, events and activities of all sorts.

Night of the Cathedrals

Each May, Chartres Cathedral participates in the Night of the Cathedrals. A whole programme awaits visitors, up until midnight. Each year, concerts, guided tours and exhibitions is offered over the course of the evening. For your greatest entertainment. Chartres Cathedral awaits you in May so you can discover it from a new perspective.


Soirées Autrement

From mid-June to late August, come and discover Chartres Cathedral in a different way. All summer long, the Soirées Autrement (“Special Evenings”) are arranged on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays. Through various events, the UNESCO World Heritage Site tells its story (readings from the Bible, stained glass on a large screen, or a musical experience).

A series of artistic readings and interpretations follow one after the other in this place so full of elegance and spirituality. Coming to the Soirées Autrement means taking advantage of a special atmosphere in an extraordinary building, so why not stop by for a visit?


International Organ Festival

Chartres International Organ Festival is one of the most famous and prestigious competitions in the world. The event is a real springboard for the international career of any young organist. Over the course of several weeks, French and international organists play their way through performance and improvisation tests under the watchful eyes (and ears) of a panel of very exacting professionals in that art. 

The competition has been a source of wonder since 1971, not only for the quality of the concerts that are put on, but also for the fantastic acoustics of this house of worship that has survived through the ages. If you are in Chartres in the summertime, we highly recommend that you attend at least one of the International Organ Festival’s concerts!


Sacred music

All year long, many choirs from around the world are hosted here, in the high holy ground of sacred song that is Chartres.